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I am...

- Maker of things (developer, technologist, animator, film editor)
- Committed to learning new exciting technologies (React Native, iOS, Swift, Arduino, Android)
- Teaching and delivering experiences (NYU, HIT)
- Love making simple products
- I care about people with disabilities, interaction design, physical computing, film composition, data visualization.



I’ve had a passion for science and research since I was a child, and my intensive studying and hard work finally paid off in 2007 when I graduated from NYU with a Master in Interactive Technology (ITP). I enjoy delving into new fields of research and following the results of my experiments. Learn more about my work by checking out my current projects and past publications.

Devlopment & Resreach

My Research

I am interested in studying the natural systems which shape and guide the processes of the natural world. My long-term goal is to identify and characterize the scientific mechanisms specific to my principal areas of research; Data Mining & Machine Learning, Robotic Movement, and the Internet of Things. Read more about these projects below.


iC by WeC

Sensory aid device for visually impaired
Planning and implementation of Hardware and Software products.

An interactive Cube reacts to distance and display's in an analog flip watch. Made with Adruino


A fresh way to explore

the web via browser
and mobile via logos


Application where Visa Cal users keep up to date,
perform transactions
and enjoy benefits
with their credit cards.  

made with apple swift 

The first personal assistant for teens with Autism and ASD.
Development a mobile app for iPhone and Android using React Native.

BoxAndLines - Click on the red box

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